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Published Work

Published Work

          ‘Pilgrimage for an OM’ – by Jacqualine Haller

        Paperback – Available WORLDWIDE through Amazon! – click HERE

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Author, Founder & Director of Jaya Yoga Canada, voice/creator of Jaya Meditation and visionary behind “The Global OM Movement”

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Feeling the desire to start growing more on a personal level, and the pull towards a life-altering experience, Jacqualine Haller decided to embark on a journey of inner exploration. In the fall of 2005, she booked time off from her corporate leadership position in Canada, packed her bags, and flew to India to study.

In Pilgrimage for an OM, Jacqualine shares her personal story about what she experienced during her 5 weeks of intensive training and graduation. She then takes you right back with her as she returns to her leadership role in Canada. After a big move to Toronto, the end of a personal relationship, and a year spent exploring a variety of meditation techniques, her life starts to take off in more ways than she could have imagined.

Travel with her to India and follow her back to Canada after this life-altering training program. Join her in both the challenges and the beautiful moments as she walks you through her experience and teaches you what she learned about life and herself. Discover what led her to explore the deeper meaning behind meditation and to grow a true passion for her practice. Follow her through her determination to build Jaya Yoga Toronto, her passion around creating Jaya Meditation and the Jaya Meditation Method, and the inspiration behind The AUM Project, with contributors such as Yogrishi Vishvketu, Krishna Das and Deva Premal.

Read about the lessons she learned about spirituality, meditation, and her own deep understanding about herself. Join Jacqualine in the journey and use the tools she provides in Pilgrimage for an OM to navigate your own personal exploration of your inner being.


“I loved your book. It honestly felt good reading it. I feel like you were in my living room, having a conversation with me like old times, back in the office. I miss you so much. It truly made me appreciate you more and how lucky I was to have you as a leader and mentor. You have an aura about you, a light that you bring. Your book came at the perfect time. With all this uncertainty and pandemic anxiety, it was a breath of fresh air. I made me re-frame my situation and look into meditating again. I am a believer that everything does happen for a reason. Thank you for sharing your story.” Sonia V.

“I read it in one day and I absolutely loved it! It’s so inspiring and what a lovely story to be told. Your words are so kind just like your soul. You can tell when a story is shared coming from the heart. It’s so authentic and genuine.” – Diana T.

“Thank you Jacqualine for this wonderful book. It touched my soul in ways I can’t explain. I related to so much of the content and wish I was closer to be able to attend your meditation classes in person. You are an amazing, courageous human being with so much to give. All I can say is thank you.” Kathryn F.

“It was a pleasure to read this book and follow Jacqualine on her journey to India and the story of finding her passion in meditation. As a former co-worker I enjoyed how she wove together real experiences, shared her struggles and fears and inspires us to move forward despite them.” – Mark F.

“I received your book yesterday and read it immediately. It is beautiful and I appreciate you sharing your story. The Jaya Yoga Studio space is exactly as you had hoped and described – warm, inviting and safe. Thank you for creating such a space for all of us.” Jyoti S.

“What a beautiful and inspiring book. I starting reading yesterday morning and finished in the evening before bed. I loved the colour photographs. Having the photos tie back to the words made it really come alive. I was able to experience through the images. I could go on and on. Thanks for sharing so much of your journey with us.” G. McQuillan

“Your book is amazing. It spoke to me in so many ways and you talk about many things that I have been feeling and thinking. I absolutely loved it.” Harmony S.

“I have been following Ms. Haller’s meditations for a few years now, and when I heard she was releasing a book, I ordered it right away. She is fantastic and the book is fantastic. It reads like an inspirational awakening of self empowerment.” A. Manieri

“An exhilarating read! Follow Jacqualine on her journey through the corporate world and the yoga world and all the fascinating people and situations she meets along the way. This is a brilliant book and very relevant to our times. A budding writer destined for great things. Get your copy now before it hits the New York Times bestseller list” A. S.

“Awesome book by an amazing person. I truly loved it. I felt as if I was living your Pilgrimage along side you. I was inspired by your story.” – A. Pascale

“Anyone interested in a good read, this wonderful book – Pilgrimage for an OM – was written by a dear friend of mind and meditation guru, Jacqualine Haller. We did our yoga teacher training together, which features as part of the story and it brought back beautiful memories of a special time in my life. Thank you, Jaya!” C. York


“Love You to the Stars and Back” – by Jacqualine Haller

Paperback Copy – Available worldwide through Amazon

Click here to watch the Video

“Love You to the Stars and Back” is a soothing book explaining death to children, inspired by a family’s true story.

In “Love You to the Stars and Back” the Author, Jacqualine Haller writes about an experience she watched unfold while visiting her father in the hospital during the final months of his battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).

Follow the story of her 4-year-old niece, who loved her Grandpa very much. Over time, Grandpa John gets sick and must go to the hospital to be taken care of by the doctors and nurses.

This book is written to help explain where Grandpa eventually went, in a gentle simply way for young children to understand.


“I just wanted to say that I bought your new book. Awwww… it is so sweet. I read it to my granddaughter. She is 4 years old and was asking so many questions. She loved the picture of your niece and dad walking. Thank you for all you do!” – Sandra R.

“This is a beautiful, gentle and heartfelt story explaining a difficult subject. Very well thought out. The illustrations are wonderful too.” – Anonymous Amazon review

“My husband bought your book for me! It’s a sweet book! Made me tear up!!!” – Echo W.

“Wow Jacqualine! Well done to your second book.” – Eszter K.

“Arrived today! Love it!!!” – Marla G.

“What I was wanting. Very pleased with the purchase.” – Amazon review


“Grandpa John and Uncle Peter – by Jacqualine Haller

CLICK HERE to purchase your copy!

CLICK HERE to watch the Video

Meet Grandpa John and Uncle Peter. Enjoy the story of 2 little brothers from a small village in rural Saskatchewan Canada. Follow along in their adventures as they experience being apart when Grandpa John goes to school for the very first time. Learn how they both navigate this change and discover a new appreciation for each other.

This book is written for children of every age.



Click here to watch the video: The Global OM Project – YouTube

Would you like to contribute the sound of your AUM, the sound of your AMEN, to the next Jaya Meditation recording? There is still time!

Now it is your turn! Anyone can submit their AUM for The GLOBAL OM Project and join The GLOBAL OM Movement!

Gather your family and friends! Gather your colleagues at work! Get together as a business or company! Gather fellow students at your local yoga studio, chant AUM together and submit the sounds of your voices in unison!

You can even contribute your own voice chanting AUM!

You can contribute, no matter where you live.

If you feel connected to this project and a calling towards its healing, I would love to hear the sound of your AUM on the next Jaya Meditation recording.

Simply chant your AUM and send the recording to:


We can only use the best quality recordings, so find yourself a quiet room without any background noise. If you have a microphone or Smartphone headset with mic, this will help. Record your AUM and send it over!

Once the album is complete, it will be released!

It does not matter what country you live in or what language you speak.

It does not matter how old or young you are.

It does not matter how big or small your voice is.

It does not matter what your ethnicity or your religious beliefs are.

AUM is available to everyone and it is within each of us.

Let us create this next album together.

The album of our collective “aum” – our collective ‘amen.’

Please note: Once you submit your AUM to us, your recording becomes our property. We will be recording and mixing the beautiful voices of our global community. We cannot return it. We have all the rights over the recording. Also note that your recording may not make it to the final album if the quality cannot be used. Jaya Meditation has the final copyrights of the album.


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Grandpa John and Uncle Peter

Jacqualine’s NEW Book!

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