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The AUM Project

The AUM Project

“The AUM Project”

by Jacqualine Haller

Founder & Director of Jaya Yoga Toronto, voice/creator of Jaya Meditation and “The “AUM” Project.

First of all, what is an “aum?” (OM). This is typically the first question I get asked when I explain my project to people.  And for the corporate financial minds out there, no – it does not stand for assets under management. (Although, a yogi might make an argument for that.)

Most people who have been to a yoga class are familiar with chanting ‘aum’ at the beginning and at the end of the class.  It carries a very grounding quality to the sound of it.  Yoga teachers will start and/or end their class chanting AUM with their students.  This sound helps ground energy before they begin an asana (posture) class and then again at the end of class before students head out into the busy-ness of the world and their personal lives.

Everyone arrives to class having a different experience to their day and carrying a variety of personal vibrations.  Everyone is unique and every day is different.  When we chant OM at the beginning of class, it brings everyone in the class into the present moment and gives us an opportunity to begin our practice together from a fresh starting point, dropping whatever vibration we are carrying from the day.

AUM is the original sound of creation and therefore the most sacred sound.  It is in everything that exists.  It is the vibrational undercurrent that holds everything together, from the heavens to the earth and beyond. And while the vibration of AUM is in all of us, it belongs to none of us.  No one can own an AUM, or owns their AUM (for that matter).  It is a part of the collective, and from the collective and this sound vibration, the world manifested.

So, what is The “AUM” project?

I have been collecting AUM’s from recognizable names in the industry who have a meditation practice and understand, appreciate and have witnessed the benefits in their lives.  Each of these AUM’s are dedicated to one of my meditation CD’s to draw awareness around the importance of a mindful practice in life.

The AUM Project is meant to highlight that people from all over the world are meditating or have some sort of spiritual practice, regardless of the form in comes in.  And just when everyone thinks nobody is meditating and it’s the least ‘cool’ thing to or might be perceived as ‘boring, the reality is that most people are already meditating in some way or another (whether they realize it or not).  After all, the mind naturally needs a break from the relentless chatter and takes it whether you sit down to do it as a practice, or explore it in another form. The interesting part of this is that many people who are living their truth, their path, their darma (what you are meant to do in life), have this practice.  A consistent meditation practice brings so many benefits to life, sharing the importance of it, is what The “AUM” Project is all about.

So far, I have produced 6 Guided Meditation CD’s (ITunes search: Jacqualine Haller).  The first 3 were the amazing beginnings.

My 4th CD has my original teacher from India, Yogrishi Vishvketu chanting AUM with me.  Visha is an incredible teacher who has built a Global Yoga Teacher training program and a beautiful Ashram and school in Rishikesh, India.  Having him contribute an AUM first to my project is extremely meaningful to me.  He represents the beginning of my learning and is where my foundation was built. To learn more about Vishva and his meaningful life’s work, visit www.akhandayoga.com

My 5th CD has Grammy nominated and warmly known as the ‘Godfather of Kirtan’  Krishna Das chanting AUM with me.  Krishna Das has recorded 15 albums to date and has changed the landscape of Kirtan in North America.  His voice is grounding, non-dramatic and powerful. I have spend over 10 years attending workshops and retreats with Krishna Das, and my meditation’s during his Kirtan’s are something very meaningful to me.  Having him contribute an AUM to this project is significant. To learn more about Krishna Das and his incredible life’s work, visit www.krishnadas.com

My 6th CD has Grammy nominated Deva Premal as my guest chanting AUM with me.  Deva has sold over a million CD’s and her albums have topped the New Age charts throughout the world.  The first time I ever heard Deva Premal’s voice was in 2005 on the streets of Rishikesh India, where they played her everywhere!  If you can imagine, her voice carried into the streets like a dream.  I remember feeling I had heard the voice of an angel.  I purchased everything she had created up until that point, and brought her home to Canada with me to play to my students.  She is an incredible talent who lends her voice to kirtan, and I am honored to have her contribute an AUM to my project.  To learn more about Deva Premal and the significant impact she has had on the lives of others, visit www.devapremalmiten.com

Would you like to contribute your “OM” to the next Jaya Meditation CD?”

Now it’s your turn! Anyone can submit their “OM!”

Gather your family and friends! Gather your colleagues at work!  Get together as a business or company! Gather fellow students are your local yoga studio, chant “om” together and submit the sounds of your voices in unison!

You can even contribute your own voice chanting “om”

We are going to raise our voices as a global community.

It doesn’t matter where you live, you can contribute.

Join us North and South America!

Join us Asia!

Join us Africa!

Join us Australia!

Join us Antarctica!

Join us Europe!

Join us everyone, everywhere!

Simply chant your best quality sounding OM and send us the recording to info@jayameditation.com.  We can only use the best quality recordings, so find yourself a quiet room without any background noise.  If you have a mircophone or smartphone headset with mic, this will help.  Record your “OM” and send it over to us!  You have until December 31, 2020!

Once the CD is complete, it will be released!  You can pre-order a copy of the recording at jayameditation.com, and we will send you a download once the Album is complete.

Let’s come together and raise our vibration to the contribution of something bigger than ourselves.

It does not matter what country you live in or what language you speak.

It does not matter how old or young you are.

It does not matter how big or small your voice is.

It does not matter your ethnicity or your religious beliefs.

“OM” is available to everyone and it is within each of us.

Let’s create this Album together. Our voice’s will be combined together and will go down in history!

Don’t miss out!

I look forward to hearing all your beautiful voices!


Jacqualine (Jaya)

Please note: Once you submit your “OM” to us, it becomes our property.  We need to make that statement here.  We will be recording and mixing the beautiful voices of our global social community.  Once your “OM” is submitted to us, we no longer can return it. We have all the rights over your recording.  Please note, your recording may not make it to the final album if the quality cannot be used.  Jaya Meditation has the final copyrights of the album.


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