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“You are capable of amazing things” – Meditation Series

$50.00 +HST



‘You are capable of amazing things!’ ~Meditation Series!

5 Days

No experience necessary.  Everyone can participate.
Let your friends and family know and do it together!

*Start your day with a clutter-free mind
*Deepen your relationship to yourself
*Connect to the reverent quiet place within
*Breathe deeply and oxygenate before your day begins
*Connect with others participating, and build community

*Start your day feeling better then ever

The thoughts we are thinking as we fall asleep, are the thoughts we wake up to.
Sleep gives us an intermittent break from thinking,
but our mind takes us right back there as soon as we waken.
When we meditate, we give our busy mind the much needed break it deserves, from the repetitive thinking we do our whole lifetime.

When we create mindful space through a meditative practice, we quieten the internal noise.  When the internal noise is quiet, we are able to connect to that quiet sacred space within each of us; unique to each of us.  We process our world differently, we process personal triggers differently
and we begin to understand the bigger picture of life.
We change.

SPECIAL BONUS!  Everyone who registers will receive Jacqualine’s 3rd recording from her CD Library titled: “Joy – A Simple Heart”

Each month, Jacqualine offers a Guided Meditation series.  We start early each day clearing our minds, settling our thoughts and grounding ourselves so that we experience of the rest of the day feeling happier, brighter and clearer.  We begin by getting in touch with our intuition, so that we feel more confident to navigate the day (and life’s challenges), from this sacred special place that is within each of us. Jacqualine creates a platform where students can either attend in person or online – where those participating are supported on their own path of healing.
We hope you can join us!
Join Jacqualine at the studio or connect online for 5 days of dynamic pranayama (breath work) and Guided Meditations (visual cues to help one relax), which will leave you feeling calm, centered and at peace as we navigate our new world.
Participants can choose what time of day to participate through the live link that will be provided each day.

We will send you the details on how to connect from the comfort of wherever you are!


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