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The Jaya Meditation Private Membership

$500.00 +HST



The Jaya Meditation Private Membership!

For the first time ever, I am excited to launch the Jaya Meditation Private Membership!

This Membership is focused solely on offering regular Meditation classes to my students.

My History:

For the last 9 years, I have been leading Meditation classes and workshops, the Jaya monthly Community Meditation and our Annual 30 Day Meditation Challenge –  at Jaya Yoga Toronto,  and other locations where invited.

During this time,  “The Jaya Meditation Sequence” was born,  “The Aum Project” was created,  and I recorded 6 Guided Meditation CD’s to date.
(available on ITunes: Jacqualine Haller and at www.jayameditation.com)

We have finished our September 30 Day Meditation Challenge, and we are going to keep the positive momentum going!

A regular mindful practice helps keep life in balance with a healthy perspective, it allows us to stay connected to our internal guidance (intuition), and helps us to maintain mental health in times of change.

I have created a private members only – meditation group, for those who are dedicated to exploring the benefits of mindfulness in their lives on a regular basis.

We are kicking off this Membership with a 7 Day Meditation series, LIVE FROM INDIA!

This November, I will be travelling to see my Yoga Teacher in Rishikesh India, Yogrishi Vishvketu. I will be leading Meditations from his Ashram (Yogic Monastery),
Anand Prakash Ashram. 

To learn more about where I will be, visit www.akhandayoga.com

Membership Benefits:

Each Student who signs up will receive a  Jaya Yoga Private Meditation Membership card valid for 12 months from date of purchase.  You can be a member whether you live in Toronto or not.  Each meditation will be recorded and the LIVE LINKS sent out to each member.  You can live anywhere in the world and join this special members-only group.

When Members present this card at Jaya Yoga Toronto, they receive:

*Access to a monthly 7 Day Guided Meditation series with me.  These will be 40 minute sequenced Jaya Meditations.  These will be offered at the studio when possible – AND – each meditation will be recorded with the live links sent out to members who cannot attend in person. In other words, you don’t have to live in Toronto to join!  These meditations can be followed anywhere where you have access to wifi.

Are you in Toronto?  This membership also includes:

*1 evening per month; in-person themed meditation on a topic we want to work on/through, and group discussion afterwards, held at Jaya Yoga

*15% off retail when Membership card is presented

*15% off all Jaya Yoga Studio Events when Membership card is presented

*15% off all future 30 Day Meditation Challenges

*All 6 Guided Meditation CD’s in the Jaya Series

The Details:

**Membership fee: $500 + HST   Membership is available to purchase now, and is in-effect November 1, 2019

**12 months begin at time of payment, and new members join in with the existing group

**No membership pauses or extensions offered

**All LIVE recordings expire 7 days after the last session

**Each group meet-up will be held at the studio, the last week of each month; date TBA

JAYA is the Sanskrit word for Victory.  May you experience Victory in all areas of your life.

We are excited to launch this brand new offering!



“You have a lovely voice and calm demeanour that carries us in a safe container on our meditation journeys. I am reminded of the importance of a regular daily practice, its positive effects, what it brings up both good and bad, and how it gives me space to really live in the present moment, and see things clearly without filter. As you know, meditation can bring up all kinds of “stuff” both joyous and not so joyous, and you made me feel safe to be open to whatever arose. Thank you” C.M.

“There are not enough words to thank you for another beautiful September. You have taken me places I would have never gone on my own.  You are a great teacher in my life; in my soul. Your offering of these 30 Day Meditations I have taken and digested. I hope to give off a more fuller light, peace and freedom into the world” E.R

“Thank you so much for the meditation journey.  I absolutely felt the benefit and the beauty of it. It was a wonderful journey with so many different emotions each time. Bless you from my heart.” N.M.


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