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“Peace, love & understanding” – Meditation Series

$45.00 +HST



“Peace, Love and Understanding”

5 Day (online) Meditation Series with Jacqualine Haller
(Author, founder/director of Jaya Yoga, the Jaya Meditation Method,
the Jaya Meditation collection & The GLOBAL OM Movement)

Join Jacqualine for 5 Days of Guided Meditations and Visualizations

15 minute sessions each day
Fee: $45 + HST

Gift yourself quiet peaceful time to settle into the heart space of peace, love and understanding for yourself and for others.

How delicious to start each morning (or finish each day), where you set aside time just for you. No distractions – just you and your beautiful heart, connecting with internal wisdom and truth.

Join Jacqualine from the comfort of your most favourite place. All you need is your smart device, a set of earphones (for best sound quality), maybe a cosy blanket and pillow to rest on and 15 minutes of private alone time to step away for this mindful practice. Jacqualine will guide everyone through breathwork, relaxation techniques and positive affirmations to start (or end) your day in a positive mind-frame.

This series is safe for all ages, including children and those who have never meditated before.

What is mediation? Meditation is simply giving your mind a break from the relentless chatter that goes on from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep. Consider it like taking a “coffee break” from all your thoughts. When you are finished, you are left feeling refreshed, clear-minded, inspired and at peace with the world around you.

These sessions are online. You will need wifi/data to participate.

Makes a great Gift for you or possibly for someone you love who could benefit from a peaceful mindful practice.

INSTRUCTIONS: Set aside personal quiet time for yourself. If you live with others, let them know you will be unreachable for 15 – 20 minutes. Find a quiet, comfortable space to do your meditation. If you have a pet, consider letting them be close to you during this time. Animals are very intuitive and they will love the light energy you will be in during your practice.

You will need a wifi connection. Use your smart phone or device, plug in your earphones (for best sound quality) and lay down somewhere comfortable (or remain seated if you prefer). Then – relax and follow along. It is that simple!


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