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“Trusting Inner Guidance”

$45.00 +HST



“Trusting Inner Guidance” – 7 day series!

10 – 15 minutes each session

This is a great series to sign up for AFTER the “10 days of positive practice” series so that you can build on an already existing practice, and understand the practices we are sharing.

We sometimes may be a little reluctant to trust where our intuition is leading us.  In the modern world, we have become used to taking our cues from the outside world rather from inside.  But, we can trust our inner guidance.  It usually whispers to us and yes, sometimes we can hesitate because we are unsure if we have understood it properly.  But our inner guidance never steers us in the wrong direction and it carries each of us exactly where we are supposed to be.

Join her for 7 days of short guided sessions where she will lead everyone through breathing techniques (pranayama) and positive affirmations/visualizations to set your day up right and feeling great! There will be some gentle movement involved.

Anyone can join!  You simply need to sign up.

Jacqualine will send out the live recordings at the beginning of each day.  You can then choose to practice whenever you like, whenever it fits in with your day.  Start your day (or finish your day) with breathing techniques mixed with small gentle movements, mixed in with positive affirmations and visualizations.


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