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“Let Your Light Shine!” – online series

$45.00 +HST



“Let Your Light Shine!” –  online series!

5 Days – start anytime you like!

15 minute Guided Sessions with Jacqualine Haller

We all carry the light of source within us.  Sometimes life and life events can weigh us down, leaving us feeling depleated, heavy and experiencing low energy.  Sometimes our internal light can feel dimmed.

But this is not who we are inside!

We have the power to raise our vibration through practice.  By raising our vibration, we allow our light to shine!  We shine for ourselves and for others. We become a beacon of positivity in a world that needs light to help us navigate change.

A regular meditation practice can help because it sets aside sacred time to connect with the never ending peace and ease that is always available to us when we turn our attention inwards. There are enough worldly distractions these days that can leave us feeling anxious, distracted and disconnected. When we consciously decide to turn out attention away from what is outside of us to what is going inside of us, it has incredible calming benefits.

When we create mindful space through a meditative practice, we quieten the internal noise. When the internal noise is quiet, we are able to connect to that quiet sacred space within each of us; unique to each of us. We process our world differently, we process change differently, we process personal triggers differently and we begin to understand the bigger picture of life.

Join Jacqualine for her next online Meditation series.

Join her online through the LIVE links she will be sending out. Each day, participants will have an instructional video and a video practice. She will lead 5 days of dynamic pranayama (breath work) and Guided Meditations (visual cues to help one relax), which will leave you feeling calm, centered and at peace as we continue to navigate this very interesting year.
Participants can choose what time of day to participate. You can meditate any time of the day or night.

You will need a wifi connection. Whether you are new to meditation or have been practicing for years, the Jaya Meditation Sequence is designed to help students relax so that they can explore and go deeper into themselves.

**Jacqualine is the founder of Jaya Yoga and is an international Meditation teacher, who has been leading Meditation classes for over 10 years. She leads a Meditation series each month, our 30 day Meditation challenge each September, and has composed 6 Guided Meditation CD’s (ITunes: Jacqualine Haller) which has contributors such as Yogrishi Vishvketu (www.akhandayoga.com), Krishna Das (www.krishnadas.com) and Deva Premal (www.devapremalmiten.com).


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