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Grandpa John & Uncle Peter – NEW Book!

$14.98 +HST



Meet Grandpa John and Uncle Peter. Enjoy the story of 2 little brothers from a small village in rural Saskatchewan Canada. Follow along in their adventure as they experience being apart when Grandpa John goes to school for the very first time. Learn how they both navigate this change and discover a new appreciation for each other.

A note from Jacqualine:

I lost my dear father to ALS at the end of March 2021. In an effort to remain close to him in heart and mind, I wrote my first children’s book on how to process loss. That book was titled: “Love You to the Stars and Back.” After that book was published, I was inspired to write “Grandpa John and Uncle Peter” – (about my Dad and my Uncle) – and their adventures in Veregin Saskatchewan Canada as little boys.

I hope the title brings a smile to your face.

This book not only honours my Dad and my family, but it also highlights Veregin and mentions the Dhoukabor’s. A heritage and history we are proud of.

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Grandpa John and Uncle Peter

Jacqualine’s NEW Book!

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