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“Finding Balance”

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“Finding Balance” ~ September’s online Meditation series with Jacqualine Haller

September is the month dedicated to self-care!

Monday Sept. 27 – Friday Oct. 1, 2021

5 days

15 – 20 minutes each day
(practice any time of day)


As this year continues to deliver many twists and turns, seeking and nurturing inner balance has never been so important to living a life of well-being, happiness and clarity.

Has it been feeling like time is moving by too fast these days?

Well, meditation helps to slow it all down.

It is time to clear out old patterns and habits.

It is time to let go of false ideas of comfort.

It is time to let go of old baggage and ideas from the past.

It is time to clear it all out.

Transformation is possible, and you are worthy of it.

This meditation series is about setting sacred time aside to take care of yourself – both inside and out.
It is about honouring you, so you can be the best version of YOU.

It is time to rest in this delicious moment in time, for the moment in time is always changing.

You are worthy.

My simple mindful daily practices are easy to do, whether you are a regular meditator or if you are new to the practice.

As little as 15 – 20 minutes a day can help you tune your frequency to your natural healing, understanding and vibration – the one you were born with. 

I hope you will join me for my NEW online series that starts Monday Sept. 27th

Reserve your spot early! We begin Monday Sept. 27th


All background music for this series is played in all 9 Solfeggio frequencies for emotional and physical healing.

xo Jacqualine


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Finding Balance – NEW online Series!


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