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“Clarity, humility, gratitude and truth”

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“Clarity, humility, gratitude and truth”

5 Day meditation series w/Jacqualine Haller

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5 Days

15 – 20 minutes


If we want to live a life of happiness, clarity and success (whatever “success” means to you personally) we need to be happy on purpose.

What does being happy on purpose mean?

A friend recently asked me this question. She asked if I was always in a good mood because of my corporate training, was it because I practiced yoga or was it because of my family or upbringing? 

Well, it is none of the above.

You see, I have a very specific daily routine that I have trained myself to do over many years. I do not simply wake up and wait to see what the day brings me to determine what kind of day I will have.

I choose.

I decide what kind of day I will have before I get out of bed each morning (and sometimes I state it before I go to bed at night).

I have an evening routine of gratitude and a morning routine of positive practice. A simple way to explain this would be that I am consciously stating to the Universe what kind of day I will have.

And, it delivers every – single – time. 

Even if there were to be a hiccup, a detour or a change in plans, I have already set up my day thoughtfully so I can navigate life’s unexpected changes with a positive healthy mindset, knowing that everything is always working out (even if I momentarily perceive it not to be working out).

Because, everything – is – always – working – out. 

You have to decide what kind of day you want and what kind of day you will have.

YOU have to decide.

Clarity is our ability to be transparent and to have a clearness about ourselves, our path and our steps forward at each given moment. Experiencing clarity on purpose guides our actions, our words and our movement forward. When we are able to remain humble along the way, we gift ourselves freedom from pride or arrogance, and we are reminded that our life experiences are an honour to receive and to enjoy – and – they are packed full of life lessons that are always moving us forward. (even if it is uncomfortable for a period of time)

Being thankful and grateful on purpose, reminds us to show up in our daily lives with appreciation and kindness towards ourselves and to others. It reminds us that nothing is owed to us by anyone, and we are simply observers and students in the moments of our lives.

People often ask me, how do I experience the moment, the now. For me personally, it is through being thankful. Why? Well, gratitude allows us to rest, it allows us a “pause” – it  has this incredible natural ability to slow down each moment in our lives.

It slows down the now.

Being grateful on purpose reminds us that everything is always working out – even if for a brief moment in time (which is only just a short “set of continuous moments” in the larger picture of our lives) – it might seem like it’s not. Being thankful is the simplest tool to experience the meaning to life. It reminds us to appreciate what is given, and rest in knowing that what is given is also ever changing – always.

Truth is connected to all 3 attributes, for they all lead to us discovering the internal subtle truths of life and in our lives, so we can learn to deeply trust ourselves and find our way forward. Truth allows us to acknowledge honestly, and see the possibilities of our lives in a clear and enjoyable way. 

I hope you will join me for my next 5 day meditation series titled:

“Clarity, humility, gratitude and trust” – and set yourself up at the beginning (or end) of your day towards your own personalized version of success.


1.  Anyone can sign up and participate from anywhere in the world.

2. The recorded LIVE LINKs will be emailed to all participants by 01:00 EST each day. You can practice any time of the day or night – you decide what works best with your schedule!

3. The links remain active for 5 days after the series ends. There is lots of time to make up a session in case you miss it.

4. The sessions with Jacqualine play through our Jaya Yoga and Meditation YouTube channel. Be sure to have YouTube downloaded into your phone or device in advance.

5. You will need a wifi signal or data to participate.

6. No experience necessary. Classes are open to everyone of all ages and abilities. No previous meditation experience necessary.

7. Grab a set of earphones, find a quiet comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed and press play!






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