“My thank you, to Deva Premal”

“My thank you to Deva Premal” ~ by Jacqualine Haller

Founder & Director of Jaya Yoga Centre and voice/creator of Jaya Meditation and “The “AUM” Project.

As most of you know by now, I am the visionary behind “The AUM Project.”   I collect “aum’s” from notable people from around the world who understand and appreciate the benefits of meditation in their lives, and have an active practice in some form.  The contribution of their “aum”s” are attached to one of my meditation CDs in an effort to highlight the importance and benefits of mindful behavior in the world; our global community.

Each time I ask someone for an “aum” and each time it has been gifted to me, my gift back includes multiple things, but most importantly, it includes a physical copy of the CD they contributed to.  Something, I personally like to hand-deliver to them.  I have been lucky enough to do that with each contributor so far.

I want to share with you what it was like for me when I gave Deva Premal her copy.

Deva Premal contributed an “aum” to my Guided Meditation CD titled “Calm.”  This is the 6th album in my Jaya Meditation Collection, and was released this week.  Deva understood the project right away.  She offered up her OM with all her love and momentum, and the freedom to do what I felt I needed to do with it. I remember receiving it, like it was yesterday.  I had just flown home from a week in Costa Rica to celebrate my 44th birthday and as I am about to end my evening, her response came through. Imagine trying to fall asleep after that!

The CD was produced a few months after that, and I told her that I would be coming to her performance in Toronto to thank her in person and give her a copy.

With a thank you note intact, the CD and a small gift, I made my way to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto Canada.

When I got through the front door, I discover that I had purchased two tickets by accident.  I was just a few rows away from the front. The lovely lady who was in the seat next to the spare seat was also quite elated as we were able to put our elbows, purses and bags between us.

Business Class, Kirtan style.

The evening performance ended.  Some people stay and some leave.

Do I go up to the front? I don’t see her there, should I give it time?

The evening was progressing, and I had to be up at 5am to teach my 30 Day Meditation Challenge class. Everyone is mingling with friends and catching up.  I’m standing there feeling slightly awkward and we are getting closer to midnight.  I see the crew cleaning up, and I start to think that I should pass my gift bag to them and ask them to deliver it to her.

Then my eye catches one of my teachers that used to teach at Jaya Yoga Centre. She too was waiting to speak with Deva. I tell her that I’m not sure I can wait much longer and that I was thinking of giving the gift bag to one of the volunteers.

And then, she points out that Deva is already off the stage and amongst our little crowd.

While I have been to many of Deva’s performances, I have never met her in person.  She has been that soft voice playing in the background of my yoga and meditation classes, and her version of the Mantra “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu” was my morning chant during a challenging time recently.

But in person, this was a first.

There are two people in front of me. Through them I can see her face, and all the ideas and images that I had created about her in my mind from the last 13 years were manifesting in physical form.  Goodness, I had so much mental chatter going on. What should I say?  What shouldn’t I say?

I am sure my words won’t do this justice, as sometimes words aren’t enough to describe someone.  But, I will give it a try. She was glowing.  Now, I don’t see aura’s, but if I could see them, hers would have been bright.  But if you think about it, what would you look like after repeating Mantra for over three hours?

Is there anything left, other than the glow of pure consciousness available to us at that point?

It’s finally my turn. I manage to mumble out something about my thank you and that I am Jacqualine from our exchange.  There was no grace about it.  As I stumble to find what I want to say, she simply comes towards me and hugs me. No need for words.

We stood there for what felt like a long beautiful moment. I felt she felt my thank you.  A language that only words could destroy. Nothing more needed than a simple moment in time.

When I attend a kirtan for me personally, it is not to chant, but to meditate in the ocean of voices around me. It is one of my most favorite things.  That vibration gets me there every single time. But I think it’s important for me to write this BLOG because I want people to understand the actual result of Mantra.  Deva, in her space of consciousness and something we refer to in Meditation as “no-mind”, well that is what happens when you chant for three hours straight, or your whole life for that matter.

It was a visual display of the vibration of pure consciousness.

I am deeply grateful to Deva Premal.  I am also thankful to George and Wendy, two of my long time students for being there with me and for me.  And thank you to Karen who was perfectly available at that moment to guide me away from leaving prematurely.

Deva is about to release a brand new Album titled “Deva ~by Deva Premal” on October 12th.  It is currently available for pre-order through her website at www.devapremalmiten.com or Itunes.  I would recommend purchasing any of her Albums though.  Each is uniquely incredible.

My 6th Guided Meditation CD titled “Calm” features Deva Premal as my guest. It has just been released. You can download it at www.jayameditation.com or ITunes: Jacqualine Haller.  Here, you can also learn more on “The AUM Project” and previous contributors.

What is the meaning of the Mantra “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu”

“May all beings be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and freedom for all”


Jacqualine (Jaya)