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Jacqualine Haller


I am not a super big fan of over-discussing the topic of meditation. I have been leading classes and workshops for over a decade now, and my preference is to guide others into a meditative space. Besides, talking about it too much brings in the mind. And in meditation, we are trying to rest in a space of no-mind. I love speaking about it’s benefits, how it has changed my life – but at a minimum. If you want to hear a lecture or a laundry list of how it helps, there are a lot of teachers out there who might suit you better. But if you are interested in the ‘doing’ of it, then you are in the right place and I love that you are here with me. 

My wish, my hope is for you to experience it. Be in the doing of it, and less in the talking about the doing of it.

However, since this is my website, this is what I will say on the topic. 

We all carry the light of Source within us. Sometimes life and life events can weigh us down, leaving us feeling depleted, heavy and experiencing low energy. Sometimes our internal light can feel dimmed. But this is not who we are inside. We have the power to raise our vibration through practice. By raising our vibration, we allow our light to shine. We shine our light for ourselves and for others. We become a beacon of positivity in a world that needs light to help us navigate change.

Greetings, and namaste.

My name is Jacqualine Haller. I am the founder and director of Jaya Yoga in Toronto Canada, and the voice behind the Jaya Meditation collection. I developed the Jaya Meditation Method out of my own personal practice and training.

I am also the visionary behind “The GLOBAL OM Movement” – co-creating an album together of everyone’s collective OM (AUM) – our collective AMEN. Participation is open to everyone, anywhere in the world. I am also the founder of the be generous club ~ le club soyez genereux, a non-profit organization celebrating the act of giving with other passionate people from around the world. Click on the link to check it out! I would love to see you participate. 


It is a time for peace.

It is a time for us to remember that we are all connected through our hearts and our energy.

Separateness is an illusion.

First, let’s talk about The Global OM Movement. Would you like to participate? It is really simple to do. Open up the “voice memos” app on your phone/device and then bellow out the biggest clearest OM you have inside of you, and email your OM recording to I would love to include you.

Send me your deepest loudest roar!

What is OM (AUM) anyway? For the corporate financial minds out there, no – it does not stand for assets under management. Although a yogi might make an argument for that. 

Both AUM and OM mean the same thing, they are simply spelled differently. The formal spelling is AUM, and there are 3 parts and sound vibrations to it. OM is the English spelling of the word. AUM in Sanskrit (epic classical Indian poems) is the universal name for original Source. Through sound vibration, it is in the creation of all things. It is the sound that is within everything. It is the sound that is around everything. It is the sound that belongs to the greater whole.

It is the soft vibration of the universe speaking to our hearts. 

Let me break down each of the 3 letter sounds.

The “A” is our waking consciousness or the waking state. It is what’s happening right now. You are here with me, engaged with what I am saying. Us humans spend most of our time with our awareness turned away from ourselves. We explore and experience the world through the 5 senses of the body. This is the most common state of our global human consciousness. Most people act and react through their senses. I am sure you have experienced this first hand for yourself and have probably seen it in your environment.

The “U” is our dream-state. This is your subconscious mind; what is happening inside of you when you have your eyes closed. It is like …a daydream. 

The “M” is stillness. No-mind. No-thing-ness. Peace. Golden quiet. Resting in the space of OM – universal sound vibration. This is the ultimate state of our awareness.

As we move through the sound of AUM through our voices, we are moving from being “consciously unaware” to a state of insight and contemplation, and then to a state of no-mind – meaning, beyond thought. This is the way of the awakened. What does it mean to be awakened? It means to be in a state of blissfulness, of quiet and of internal peace. Doesn’t that sound like an incredibility delicious experience to have in life?

It does not matter who you are, where you live, what you do or what you have done. You are invited to submit your recorded OM to be a part of this historical album.

And yes, I write books…

On February 22, 2022 – (yes, that was the big 2.22.22 day everyone was talking about) I published my 4th book titled: “You woke me up to see the Moon” – 112 Reflections of the Heart. Gold nuggets of wisdom for a world in turmoil. This book is a collection of affirmations that come from the inspired moments in life. I hope as readers make their way through it, they find what is resting deep within their hearts – the messages that are waiting there for them. May it provide you deep contemplation, reflection and understanding. 

The year previously, I published my 1st children’s book titled: “Love You to the Stars and Back” .  I wrote this book after losing my dad to ALS on March 25, 2021. I had never written a children’s book before this one, and I don’t have children of my own. It was an interesting experience for me to write a book for a little person. Remaining in a creative space helped me feel close to my dad. This book is inspired by my family’s true story. In “Love You to the Stars and Back”, I write about an experience I watched unfold while visiting my dad in the hospital during the final months of his time in this physical form. Follow the story of my 4-year-old niece, who loved her Grandpa very much. Over time, Grandpa John gets sick and must go to the hospital to be taken care of by the doctors and nurses. This book is written to help explain where Grandpa eventually went, in a gentle, simple way for young children to understand.

To my surprise, that book was needed in the world more then I realized. I have received many beautiful messages from families who were going through what my family had just been through. It has become something very special, and for that, my heart is full. On the heels of that and in the fall of 2021, I published my 2nd children’s book titled: “Grandpa John and Uncle Peter” – This is the story of 2 little brothers (my dad and my uncle when they were little boys) from a small village in rural Saskatchewan Canada. Follow along in their adventure as they experience being apart when Grandpa John goes to school for the very first time.

“Grandpa John and Uncle Peter” teaches children (and adults) that sharing feels good and is rewarding. It teaches them that taking care and watching out for each other is important. It teaches them that detours in life can be fun because they lead us to new experiences. It reminds us how important it is to be there for your family and that it is okay to feel sad sometimes. Sadness it isn’t permanent. 

The very first book I wrote is titled “Pilgrimage for an OM” – An Adventure in Trusting Your Gut;  This is a book I wrote about my own personal journey with yoga and meditation, and how it helped me navigate the corporate world. It is… well, you are just going to have to read it for yourself to find out. (Order it in colour if you can).

One last thing about me…

After 21 years, I left my leadership role in corporate Canada to focus on Jaya Yoga and Meditation. It was time to pursue a more calm way of living. Everything I have been inspired to create in life so far, I truly attribute my meditation practice. It has helped me get out of my own way time and time again. I hope my story inspires you towards your own inner path of exploration. What is waiting inside of you is truly magic. 

Sending you all my love.


What about The Global OM Movement?

My initial struggles with my own personal Meditation practice came while completing my Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India in 2005.  After countless attempts, I decided Meditation was not possible for me. I really struggled with that particular part of the course, and after many many unsuccessful attempts over a 5 week period, I decided the practice was not for me. 

Several years after my return to Canada, life events led me to explore Meditation in a new way.  The company I had worked for moved me to Toronto to support a growing base. It was a brand new city and I knew no one. The end of a relationship soon followed. Alone, and struggling to determine what was going on with this new version of my unrecognizable life, I decided to devote all my spare time to exploring this special practice. I decided to commit my time to exploring my new found ‘alone-ness’ to truly see what this meditation thing was all about, what was possible and if anything changed in my life for doing any of it.

That evolved into over a decade of experimenting with various Meditation techniques that ranged from Angel Meditations to OSHO, attending a variety of retreats and diving into my very own personal practice whole heartedly. I decided that the only way I would know if this was a real thing or not was to actually dedicate my free time to seeing what it was all about. There is no way around this – only through. 

My personal practice helped me structure my Meditation classes in a way that guides students through breathing techniques and other steps that help them go deeper within themselves. I designed the Jaya Meditation approach by keeping elements that were helpful for me, and I simply left out the rest. Besides, I truly don’t believe you can teach anyone to meditate. One can only hold space for another and provide guidance, assuming guidance is even wanted. Meditation is a completely personal experience. 

On the request of my students, I then began to record my meditations into albums and I was inspired to invite Guests to chant “om” with me.  I would like to thank my teacher, Yogrishi Vishvketu from the Anand Prakash Ashram in Rishikesh India for chanting with me on my 4th album titled “Koshas – The Five Layers of the Mind.”  Vishva is my original teacher and none of this would be possible without the life lessons I learned under his guidance.  To learn more about the Anand Prakash Ashram, click HERE.

I would also like to thank the world famous Kirtan Wallah, Krishna Das for chanting “om” with me on my 5th CD titled “Grace: The Effortlessness of Pure Consciousness.” I have spent many years attending Kirtan retreats with KD, and my experience in meditation during those retreats is something very sacred to me. Having him be a part of this greater project is quite meaningful. Krishna Das is an American vocalist known for his performances of Hindu devotional music known as Kirtan (chanting the names of God). He has released 14 albums to date. He performed at the 2013 Grammy Awards, where is album, Live Ananda, was nominated for the 2013 Grammy Award for Best New Age Album. To learn more about Krishna Das, click HERE.

I would also like to thank global Kirtan Wallah, Deva Premal, for chanting “OM” with me on my 6th Guided Meditation CD, titled “CALM.” Having an “aum” from Deva is very meaningful to me, as Deva’s music was the first introduction to Kirtan that I heard on the streets of Rishikesh India while there in 2005. To learn more about Deva Premal, click HERE

Meditation is needed more than ever in these busy times.  Times that have us questioning what our purpose is and what the human experience is about. OM

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The Global OM Movement ~ co-creating a meditation album of our collective OM (AUM) with voices from around the world.

the be generous club ~ a non-profit organization celebrating the act of giving with other passionate people from around the world. Join the club and start cooking!

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