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The “AUM” Project

The “AUM” Project

What is an “aum?” (OM) 

Aum is a sacred sound.  Most people who have been to a yoga class are familiar with chanting aum at the beginning and at the end of the class, as it carries a very grounding quality.  It is the original sound of creation.  It is in everything that exists; the sound vibration that holds everything together. 

It is in all of us. 

It is the invisible 4th dimension.  From this sound vibration, the world manifested.

It is the most sacred of sounds and is available to all of us.

What is the “AUM” project?

I am collecting “aum’s” from recognizable names in the industry who have a meditation practice and understand, appreciate and have witnessed the benefits in their lives.  Each of these “aum’s” are dedicated to one of my meditation CD’s to draw awareness around the practice and that people from all over the world are meditating or have some sort of spiritual practice.

So far, I have produced 6 Guided Meditation CD’s (ITunes search: Jacqualine Haller)

My 4th CD has my original teacher from India, Yogrishi Vishvketu chanting “aum” with me.  Visha is an incredible and authentic teacher who has built a Global Yoga Teacher training program and a beautiful Ashram in Rishikesh, India.  www.akhandayoga.ca

My 5th CD has Grammy nominated and the Godfather of Kirtan, Krishna Das chanting “aum” with me.  Krishna Das has recorded 15 albums to date and has changed the landscape of Kirtan in North America.  www.krishnadas.com

My 6th CD has Deva Premal as my guest chanting “aum” with me.  Deva has sold over a million CD’s and her albums have topped the New Age charts throughout the world.  www.devapremalmiten.com

Collecting “aum’s” from notable guest chanters is a part of my larger meditation project.  I have reached out to many people for contributions, and look forward to growing my project as more come in.  They will be added to the next CD’s, and their contributions will continue to highlight the importance of meditation, the benefits of it and show the world that even well-known artists use this practice while they are working to achieve their life purposes. 

Meditation is very simple to do and available to everyone.  My recordings are non-denominational and easy to follow along.

I hope you enjoy them!




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