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Holidays are a beautiful time of year, and yet sometimes we can feel overwelmed by the pressures it can bring.  The beauty and message of the season can get lost in the hussle and bustle.  Family, friends and places to be are all wonderful things, and yet sometimes we are still left feeling empty and craving some quiet alone time to connect with our own inner being.

Transform your holiday into a more fulfiling and meaningful experience.

Join Jacqualine on-line for 5 days of dynamic pranayam (breath work) and Guided Meditations (visual cues to help one relax), which will leave you feeling calm, centered and at peace during the Holiday and as we approach 2019!

Participants can choose what time of day to participate through the live link that will be provided each day.

Give yourself the Gift of Internal Peace, Calm and Joy!

December 27, 28, 29, 30 & 31


Spend the last few days before the New Year is here, with a sense of well-being. Energetically let go of 2018 and start 2019 feeling refreshed, clear-headed and energized!

The online sessions will run for 20 minutes and include breathing, relaxation cues and positive affirmations.  No experience necessary. Anyone can do it, in any time zone, anywhere in the world!

Register online at www.jayameditation.com or www.jayayoga.ca

Simple, Guided Meditations with Jacqualine Haller
(founder of Jaya Yoga Centre, Jaya Meditation, List of 11 and The AUM Project)
Join anytime!
30 days…
40 minutes…
50 dollars…
Change your life in 30 days! Start your day in a different way, and see what changes!
Start your 30 day challenge anytime!  Register, and we will send you the links.  Connect any time of day in any time zone.
REGISTER ONLINE at jayayoga.ca or jayameditation.com 

Relaxing Night-Time Guided Meditations with Jacqualine Haller!

10 Days – 20 Minutes – $50

Unwind after a long day, cozy up in bed or your favourite spot, link in and drift away!

Register and receive your daily link.

Connect any time of they day, in any continent and any time zone. No experience necessary. Anyone is welcome to join in. Non-denominational.

Register at www.jayameditation.com & www.jayayoga.ca




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